Ridge Runner is committed not only to using the best equipment, but to being knowledgeable of the uses as well. Our company is determined to become the most advanced pipeline pre-commissioning company in the industry.

We maintain a complete fleet of equipment necessary to perform all pipeline pre-commissioning operations. Our facility is located in Morgantown, West Virginia, which positions us to provide for the Marcellus and Utica Shale Regions. The majority of our equipment is sheltered in our 10,000-square-foot facility where it is serviced, tested, and prepared for the next job.

We currently have three testing crews complete with their own test trailer, instrumentation, flow meters, fitting boxes, and certified hoses. Each supervisor documents a detailed report of each day’s activity and follows the scope of work procedures precisely. Ridge Runner operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


Products Info

Test Headers

We have associated each model to a unique serial number and provided downloadable specifications for your convenience.

Size ID Download
6" Test Headers download not available
6" 06TEST01 download pdf
6" 06TEST02 download pdf
6" 06TEST03 download not available
6" 06TEST04 download not available
8" Test Headers download not available
8" 08TEST01 download pdf
8" 08TEST02 download pdf
8" 08TEST03 download not available
8" 08TEST04 download not available
10" Test Headers download not available
10" 10TEST01 download pdf
10" 10TEST02 download pdf
10" 10TEST03 download pdf
10" 10TEST04 download pdf
12" Test Headers download not available
12" 12TEST01 download pdf
12" 12TEST02 download pdf
12" 12TEST03 download pdf
12" 12TEST04 download pdf
12" 12TEST05 download pdf
12" 12TEST06 download pdf
16" Test Headers download not available
16" 16TEST01 download pdf
16" 16TEST02 download pdf
16" 16TEST03 download pdf
16" 16TEST04 download pdf
16" 16TEST05 download pdf
16" 16TEST06 download pdf
20" Test Headers download not available
20" 20TEST01 download not available
20" 20TEST02 download not available
20" 20TEST03 download not available
20" 20TEST04 download not available
24" Test Headers download not available
24" 24TEST01 download pdf
24" 24TEST02 download pdf
24" 24TEST03 download pdf
24" 24TEST04 download pdf
26" Test Headers download not available
26" 26TEST01 download pdf
26" 26TEST02 download pdf

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